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05.02.2015 Impressions

Wedding & Corporate Events

Is your Company looking for a reliable Organisation to produce a Gala Event or Christmas Party?
Are you about to get married and you need a good DJ or Band?

Get in contact with Supremus Sounds or directly with our Joint Venture Company:


we will serve you with Class and all you need for your Event!

05.02.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Haute Glamour @ Barrouge Basel

Every first Saturday of the month Barrouge invites you all to a urban Night.
A great view with prime clubbing atmosphere.

On the Top Floor DJ Skilly will rip it apart with all kinda tunes you love.

On the lower Floor the local Star DJ Aoide & Supremus Sounds Head Steve Supreme will serve you with all that soul there in is in Hip Hop, R'n'B, Dancehall & Reggaeton tunes.

A glamorous night with the best in Music. With our Motto: We bring you Urban Music to the highest Level.



05.02.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Around the Sound with Steve Supreme @ Valmann Zurich

Supremus Sounds own Steve Supreme takes you on a journey tru all kind of music styles. From House to Funk, 80ies, 90ies and the new Club Tunes, topped with some R'n'B Classics.

Our Bar Teams serves you with nice chilled Drinks and the fancy crowd will make you swing your butt along those good vibes within this Bar.

No wonder People who walk by, turn around to the DJ at the window and step in to this ambiente for a couple of Cocktails.

30.01.2015 DJ Twist (USA) Impressions, 

DJ Twist in California

Here some Impressions of the Spots we spin at when we hit Cali. This one's all about DJ Twist.
Presented by the95group and Supremus Sounds Ent. USA

Top Spots we spin at are Iyv Club, SE Hotel / Palomar, Fluxx and SD Club!

28.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Steve Supreme @ Valmann Zurich

Valmann is a small bar in Zurich. Known for it's cool visitors and Partyfolks. Adult People meeting up in the Bank district, in the heart of the Limmat Town as locals like to say.

Whenever Steve Supreme plays at this Location, suprised faces are a daily roule. Why? Because no one else can rock this spot with a special selection of music which isn't played all day & every day by all the DJs known in this country.
No, Supremus Sounds ain't full of them selves, we are just refrasing the quote of the owners and their Barmaids.

Come by and reinsure yourself.


28.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme DJ Twin,  Flyer, 

White Paradise @ Vior Club Zurich

We invite you again to a sexy Club Night at Vior Club Zurich.

Topless Male Hosts serving for the Ladies.
Hot Femals Strippers for the Gentlemen.

And of course a mad ass cool line up on the Decks.
Steve Supreme with Support from DJ Classick and Calvin Clark on the Heaven Dance Floor.

Supremus Sounds new Blood DJ Twin will celebrate his Single Release downstairs, Hell calls for a Fire Blaze! BRRRRAAAA!

Come True early, because the line will be long.



20.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Gastro-Party @ Hiltl Club Zurich

The weekly Sunday at Club Hiltl in Zurich Town is know to be exeptional, when it comes down to have fun without any boundaries.

Tourists, meet Gastro workers, meet Hairdressers and the steady Club Members.

I crazy mixture in the crowd and crazy mixes on the one's and two's by the Resident DJ's Steve Supreme, Patrik Pleasure, Alex Austin, Mistah Direct and Redshift.

Always fun to end the Weekend with a Big Bang.

This Sunday the entrepreneur Steve Supreme himself will serve you the cream of the crop of hot music.



19.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Girls Night @ Roadhouse Luzern

Every Thursday Roadhouse starts the weekend with alot of Girls going out and get funky on the dance floor.
Females shakin their booty like Beyonce, Riri and Miley...twerk, twerk, twerk.

Gents you know you cannot and don't wanna miss out on a weekend starter night like this. Only one more day to work. Bring your fat wallet we do not want them sexy ladies to get thirsty right?


Steve Supreme serving you with them Diva Joints.

See you there!


18.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Club Sunday @ Roadhouse Luzern

If you bored at home on Sundayz come tru at Roadhouse in Luzern, we always drinking and blasting hot tunes for your party mood. Yes even on a sunday and you know what. Most of the time those are the most interessting nights to find a flirt and meet interessting people from all over the world.
As you know Luzern is a tourist mekka. But not only for tourist, even to locals like to get tipsy at the Funhouse Roadhouse while the DJ serves you with a colorfull mix of different vibes from his mash up crates.

This Sunday you'll have Steve Supreme on the Decks.

Come tru and order a couple of nice drinks from the charming Barteam.


16.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Steve Supreme @ Casa Antica Klosters Davos

Steve's on a mountain journey.

He's spinning at Casa Antica in Klosters. The winterspot were Prince Charles is taking his skiing holidays with the UK Royal Family each and every year.

Besides the royals you can meet other Celebs in this little diamond dancing to a wide range of music.

This Saturday the Selector is nobody less then your one and only Steve Supreme.

When you on the slopes that weekend, swing by. Funfactor guaranteed.


15.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Steve Supreme on Planet Radio 105

Tune in on 93 FM each and every Thursday, when Steve Supreme gives you the hottest Tracks on Planet Radio 105.

Urban Beats for your heart, ears and soul, from the new to the old.

Steve Supreme - Supremus Sounds & Friends

11 - 12 pm


14.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Steve Supreme @ Cinema Music Club / Kurhaus Lenzerheide

After many years of bringing the Battle of the DJs Tour to Lenzerheide, they booked the Initiater Steve Supreme to the crazy Tollhouse Cinema Music Club one last time.

Steve will be headlining with Support of the Deep House Genius Producer and DJ Soame.

Be ready for us, cause we gonna turn shit down before they will end this hot location next season.
Don't miss out the last Epic Supremus Sounds Night at this special mountain Venue.

All you Snowboarders and Skiers, see you at the club after hitting the slopes!



13.01.2015 DJ Laslow DJ Steve Supreme, 

SILK with Supremus Sounds @ Mascotte Club Zurich

As every Thursday we invite you to one of the hottest Clubs in Zurich Town for a memorable Night with the Supremus Sounds Team. We spin your favourite Tracks in heavy rotation and add sum of our own remixes to spice up the music dish coming right your way up in yo ears.

Don't miss out, when Steve Supreme, Laslow and J. Temple show you what they got.



08.01.2015 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Crave @ Hiltl Club Zurich

Crave....and behave!

We invite you to another crazy music Journey at Hiltl Club with your one and only Steve Supreme, supported by Teyst, Lil Jeece and Croma on the decks.

Morph will be hosting you on the MIC.

If you want a fresh breeze in yo ears...come tru. Cause this Night will become one of your favourite Club Nights in town.


SEND YOUR ANSWER TO: info@supremussounds.com
latest possibility Saturday 10. January 4pm



27.12.2014 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Shake Shake Shake @ Plaza Klub Zurich

Shake Shake Shake yo butt, when Mike Steez calls out to Plaza Club in Zurich, for his Party Series.

Nobody less then DJ Revolution from Los Angeles will join us, when we go crazy on the pre New Years Urban Party for you with Mike Steez, Steve Supreme and Sharon on the decks downstairs.

At Kosmos we have Christian von Andern and a live Set from Lubomir and Gap Moor.



23.12.2014 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Hip Hop Once a Year @ Bellevue Club Zurich

We invite you to Bellevue Club tonight to a Epic Hip Hop Night. Yeah you heard right. Hip Hop at the electronic spot. Once a Year we celebrate to urban Tunes.

Nobody less then the House Legend Tom Novy will give a show as "Novy-T" with his old Hip Hop Crates.
Mr. Grauer also know as Ronny "Die Rampensau" will play a Hip Hop set as "Grandmaster Grauer" and your Supremus Sounds Head Steve Supreme will add his pepper to this crazy soup of urban Music.

Be there and join all the known swiss Celebs u can think of celebrating a pre X-Mas Party.

20.12.2014 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Saturdace @ Kinski

An old Team gets back together again after almost 20 years, Hispanic Joe, J. Kaliim and Steve Supreme serving you on the tables and Shorty Real just like back on the Days on the MIC.

We take you back on a Music Journey of Old School Classics and sum newer Tunes. Don't miss out the smooth night at the Redlight Disctrict of Zurich.

See y'all at Kinski for the new Series "Saturdace".

Funfactor guaranteed.

20.11.2014 DJ Mike Steez DJ Steve Supreme,  Flyer, 

Supremus Sounds Night @ Silk Mascotte Zurich

Once a week all urban music lovers meet up at Bellevue's Hot Spot Club Mascotte. Thursday's at Silk is a full house since years. So don't miss out!

This weeks Wizzards are nobody less then the Supremus Sounds Team, feat. Steve Supreme, Mike Steez and Shade.



01.11.2014 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Haute Glamour @ Barrouge Basel

It's been a year since Supremus Sounds was playing at Barrouge Basel.
Tonight we back with a Special Guest from San Francisco, know as a Choreographer/Dancer, but talented in his Selection of Tracks for his DJ Sets too.

Join us at Barrouge if you are near the "Uhrenmesse".
Don't forge to put on your new Rolex you just got ;)

Steve Supreme and Gabrielle Francisco will provide you with the hottest Classics and them new Club Tunes from the urban Section.
DJ Aoide will support us.

DJ Skilly will serve you with mixed Music on the upper floor.



31.10.2014 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer, 

Girls Gone Wild @ Vegas Club Luzern

It's time to go wild at Vegas Club Luzern again for a change. Steve Supreme on the one's and two's all night long. With sum nice Tracks lined up for them Ladies. Bubble Butt shakin, twerk leg, breakin and hips vibrating tunes you can sing along and move ur body all night long.

Cream of the crop for Urban listeners, EDM Lovers and Ragga / Reaggeton embracers.

Be There and don't miss out this hot Friday Night at Vegas Club.




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