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01.03.2012 DJ Steve Supreme

nice & smooth in concert

This Saturday 03.03.2012 we going back to the old school this weekend again. Nice & Smooth the Legendary Crew from New York will perform a Show at the Hip Hop Spot in Biel. Coupole will take you back in time again. Steve Supreme with the Local Heros at the Decks. Don't miss out!

01.02.2012 DJ Steve Supreme

Nice & Smooth in Concert

"Let's take it back to the old school, let's take it to Union Square. Let's take it back to the LQ and wave your hands like you just don't caaaare."....Nice and Smooth are in the Country. Were else then at Coupole Bienne aka BNC City would it be more appropriate to do a Show. Supremus Sounds is proud to Support this Night. Get your Ticket!