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04.09.2013 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer,  Media,  Mixes,  Music,  Radio,  Radio 105, 

Catch Steve Supreme & Friends on Radio 105

Each Thursday ON AIR Steve Supreme / Supremus Sounds & Friends at Radio 105 DOPE, with a nice Mix of the best Hip-Hop and R'n'B.

From 11pm - 12pm on 93 FM (Zurich), Cable: 105.1, DAB or www.105.ch

Tune in for your favourite Urban Music!

Hit the like button for Supreme on 105's new Page too. ;)


16.05.2013 DJ Steve Supreme Flyer,  Music,  Radio 105, 

Steve Supreme / Supremus Sounds and Friends on Radio 105

Each Thursday 11 - 12 pm (+1 GMT) you can hear Steve Supreme / Supremus Sounds DJs and Friends on Radio 105 DOPE.

Tune in for the hottest urban tunes, mixed the hottest ways. DJs with Skillz!

93 FM
Cable 105.0 FM

09.05.2013 DJ Steve Supreme Radio 105, 

Tune in on 93 FM or www.radio105.ch

Steve Supreme with a nice mix of news and sum specials. Tune in to Radio 105.

ON 93 FM or www.radio105.ch and DAB.

Each and every week Thursdays from 11pm to 12pm Radio 105 Dope mix by Steve Supreme, Supremus Sounds and Friends.


08.11.2012 DJ Fatfingaz (USA) Radio 105, 


Another hot Radio Show awaits you by The Heavy Hitter DJ Fatfingaz for Supremus Sounds. Hot New HipHop! Tune in on 93 FM, DAB Digital or Online.


18.10.2012 Radio 105

Mike Steez on Air for Supremus Sounds

Steve Supreme's neighbor Mike Steez on the cut for Supremus Sounds!

Tune in. Hot New Tracks on Radio 105 on Thursday Night.


10 to 11pm Zurich Time

18.09.2012 DJ Steve Supreme Radio 105, 

Steve Supreme on Radio 105 each thursday 10 - 11pm

Like each thursday, Steve, one of his team mates or dj friends is on air this thursday 20th September with a one hour mix by Steve Supreme on www.radio105.ch. Aired on 93 FM too or DAB Digital Radio! 10 - 11pm Zurich Time.


10.09.2012 DJ Steve Supreme Radio 105, 

Win Tickets on Radio 105

Win Tickets on Radio 105 for the yearly 105 Night at X-Tra Limmathaus in Zurich.

Tune in, win tickets and be part of the crazy night.


06.09.2012 Mixes Radio 105, 

Radio 105 Mix by DJ Irresponsible for Supremus Sounds

One of our old crew members, nowadays friend and solo artist DJ Irresponsible will be featured on the Radio 105 Show of Steve Supreme / Supremus Sounds & Friends. Tune in on 93FM or:


31.08.2012 DJ Steve Supreme Radio 105, 

Steve Supreme Radio 105 Mix 30.8.2012

Some more news on a one hour mix from Steve Supreme, have a listen on soundcloud or download it for your ride tru the streets on trains, cars, buses ...



23.08.2012 DJ FLO (USA) DJ Steve Supreme,  Radio 105, 

Steve Supreme & FLO from New York on Radio 105

Tune in Tonight 23rd August 2012 at 10 - 11 pm DJs Steve Supreme and FLO from New York City are giving you a one hour mix from the newest US Tunes mixed with sum of their own music flavors. Don't miss out and tune in on 93 FM or www.105.ch !